Player Commitment

UpdatedWednesday July 24, 2019 byJim Vendetti.

Player Commitment for Travel Teams
FIFTY FC recognizes the benefits of the young athletes participating in different activities during the long soccer season. We ask that you email the team manager or coach when you are unable to make a practice or game so that your coach can make their needed adjustments. 
If you have chosen to accept an invitation to play on one of our “A” teams, you and your child have made even a greater commitment to the program and your attendance is expected. Balancing which school, musical or other activities you choose is a personal choice that only your family can make. Many of these activities (including soccer) are dependent on a certain number of participants attending and participating on a consistent basis. 
PLEASE DO NOT overextend YOUR CHILD. If soccer is not your main activity, than playing on an “A” team may not be for you. Typically these teams require a greater commitment of the entire team in order to achieve higher individual and team results. These greater results can only be accomplished with a commitment of all team members. 


Zero Tolerance Policy
CDYSL has established Codes of Conduct for players, coaches, parents and spectators. This includes behavior directed at the referee as well as other players, coaches and spectators. Warnings, yellow cards, red cards, as well suspending the game, ejections of coaches and spectators and possibly abandoning the match may result. There could also be warnings to the club, financial penalties to the club and suspensions of the team personnel. Please conduct yourselves in a sportsmanlike manner when representing the BHUSC.