Playing Up Policy

UpdatedWednesday July 24, 2019 byFrank Zardezed.

The Fifty FC supports the philosophy of continuing to challenge its member players. Any players who are being considered for potentially playing up an age group should meet the following guidelines for selection:

The selection of an underage player will be DETERMINED by the head coach(es) from each age group involved and the Director of Coaching only if the player meets the below guidelines. This policy has been developed to address individual player circumstances only.

Responsibilities of Players Desiring to Play Up:

  • Each year, players desiring to "play up" shall submit a written request to the Director of Coaching prior to Travel Tryouts, even if the player “played up” in the previous year. Decisions will be made from year to year; no player will be automatically "grandfathered." The request should include all relevant factors that the player would like considered.
  • If a player who has submitted a request to play up is willing to consider a roster spot only in the higher age group, the player should attend the tryout session(s) for that age group and need not attend the tryout session(s) for the player’s proper age group. Otherwise, the player should attend at least one of the tryout sessions for both age groups (i.e., the player’s proper age group as well as the higher age group).
  • The team that a player is requesting to play up on MUST have a roster opening. A player of that age group WILL NOT be “bumped off” a roster to accommodate someone attempting to play up. This does not include being a guest player which does not affect the team’s roster. 

Technical Ability

A player must demonstrate a high degree of individual skill which must be transferable to competitive match situations. In addition, a player’s individual skill must meet or exceed the technical abilities of other participating players within the age group the player wishes to participate in.

Physical Ability

A player must surpass other players within their age group in physical strength, technical skill and speed, and have the ability to blend in with players of the intended age group. In addition, a player’s physical ability must meet or exceed those other participating players within the age group the player wishes to participate in.

Mental Ability

Player must surpass other players within their age group in game awareness and general knowledge of the game. This includes the mental strength that will be necessary when dealing with older and physically superior opponents.

Social Ability

Player must be able to interact with players within the intended age group on and off the field