Juggle Club

UpdatedTuesday July 24, 2018 byJim Vendetti.

What is juggling? Juggling is the art of keeping a
soccer ball up in the air with your feet, thighs, chest and
head. It is a simple, but powerful way of improving your
soccer skills. No hands, no bounces on the ground and
you must use both feet.

Benefits of juggling: Gain more confidence with the
ball while increasing overall skills. When juggling,
learning to control the body is very important. Being able
to make quick, bodily adjustments with all muscles is
developed through juggling.

To become a member, you must demonstrate to a
coach to verify your score:

U8: 5 juggles
U10: 10 juggles
U12: 20 juggles
U14 and up: 30 juggles

Coaches will submit scores at the end of each month and
a 1” maroon and white iron-on soccer ball patch will be given to
each new member to add to the LEFT SLEEVE of their
uniform. A silver star iron on patch will be given for each
additional 25 juggles. Any player that demonstrates the ability to juggle 100x will get a gold star iron on patch!